Minnesota State Colleges & Universities Board of Trustees

September 20, 2006

Board Meeting Summary

Wells Fargo Place
Saint Paul, Minnesota


Action Plan Targets
The Board of Trustees accepted the 2006-2010 Action Plan and Targets and required a progress report in Fall 2007 which will include a target for Goal 4.2.

St. Cloud Technical College Real Property Acquisition
The Board of Trustees approved the acquisition of 1215 15th Street North, St. Cloud for St. Cloud Technical College, subject to the completion of any additional due diligence and approval of all documents by the Attorney General's Office.

FY 2007 Board Meeting Calendar
The Board of Trustees added an Audit Committee meeting on November 8, 2006, to their FY 2007 meeting calendar.

Approval of Contract Exceeding $2 Million Dollars - Conversion of Client/Server Programs to J2EE-Based Web Application
The Board of Trustees approved entering into a 33-month professional/technical services contract with Object Partners, Incorporated totaling $4,305,000 to provide technical expertise and support required for the migration of the System's existing client/server application to a J2EE-based web application for the ISRS information system; and authorized the Chancellor or his designee to negotiate and execute the contract.

Authorization of Leadership Employment Agreements
The Board of Trustees authorized the Chancellor, in consultation with the Chair of the Board of Trustees and the Chair of the Human Resources Policy Committee, to enter into employment agreements with presidents and vice chancellor whose current agreements expire June 30, 2007.

Amendments to Policy 4.5, Student Employees
The Board of Trustees approved the recommended amendments to Policy 4.5, Student Employees.