Wednesday, December 15, 1999 - 11:00 am
Minnesota World Trade Center
Fourth Floor, International Hall
30 East Seventh Street
St. Paul, Minnesota

    1. Call to Order
    2. Chair's Report: Michael Vekich
      *a. Approval of Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting of November 15, 1999
      *b. Approval of Minutes of Board of Trustees Dinner Meeting of November 15, 1999
      *c. Approval of Minutes of Board of Trustees Meeting of November 17, 1999
      d. Report of the Executive Committee Meeting of December 1, 1999
      *e. Ratification of 12/1/99 Executive Committee Emergency Action Relative to Minnesota State University-Akita for Continued Participation of Students in the Japanese Area Studies Program for Academic Year Beginning April 1, 2000
    3. Trustee Reports
    4. Chancellor's Report: Morris J. Anderson
    5. Joint Council of Student Associations
    6. MCCFA, IFO, and UTCE: Joint Opportunity to Address the Board
    7. Consent Agenda
      All matters listed under Consent Agenda will be enacted by one motion in the form listed below. Any trustee may request that an item or items be removed from the Consent Agenda for independent consideration.
      a. Board Policy 1A.2 Board of Trustees, Part 2. Board Expenses, Per Diem and Reimbursement (Second Reading Approved by Executive Committee 12/1/99)
      b. Relocation of MnSCU Board Policy 6.3 Naming Colleges and Universities (Second Reading)
      c. Program Approval: AS, Computer Information Systems, Northland Community and Technical College
      d. Employee Evaluation Policy (Second Reading)
      e. Revenue Fund Audited Financial Statements
    8. Board Standing Committee Reports

      Finance/Facilities Policy Committee - Robert Erickson, Chair

      Facilities, Dennis Dotson, Vice Chair

      1. FY2000-2005 Capital Budget Modifications (First Reading)
      2. Space Utilization Report
      3. Capital Improvement Projects Quarterly Status Report

        Finance, Daniel Coborn, Vice Chair
      4. *2000 Supplemental Budget Request (Second Reading)
      5. *Information Systems Strategic Plan (Second Reading)
      6. *FY 2001 Operating Budget Including Tuition and Fees (Second Reading)
      7. Student Union Financial Restructuring Plan (First Reading)
      8. Revenue Fund Reinvestment Program
      9. Systemwide Reserves Report

      b. Joint Meeting of the Finance/Facilities Policy and Educational Policy Committees - Robert Erickson and James Wafler, CO-chairs

      1. Anoka-Hennepin Technical College Site Selection (First Reading)

      c. Educational Policy Committee - James Wafler, Chair

      1. *Applied Doctorate Report (Second Reading)
      2. *Minnesota State University - Akita Transition Plan
      3. Program Suspensions: Northwest Technical College
      4. Program Reinstatements: Ridgewater College
      5. MnSCU/Board of Trustees Values Statement (First Reading)
      6. Targeted Industry Partnership Update

      d. Personnel Policy - Nancy Brataas, Chair

      1. Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (First Reading)

      e. Audit Committee - Andrew Boss, Chair

      1. Defined Year 2000 Update: Final Readiness
      2. Student Information System Update
      3. Review of Foundation Procedures (First Reading)
  • **Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    Procedures to address the board are defined below.
  • Other Business
  • Adjournment

*Denotes Action Item

**Requests to address the Board must be submitted in writing to staff. Request forms are available at the board meeting (additional materials are placed on a table located near the entrance of the meeting room). If you wish to address an agenda item, clearly identify the item on your request form. If you have any questions, please ask a staff member for assistance.

***All handouts to the Board must be submitted in advance of the meeting.


~ Special Accommodations ~



Special accommodations for a disability (e.g. wheelchair accessibility, interpreter, audiotape, or large print material), are available upon advance requests. Please contact Inge Chapin at (612) 282-5518, or fax your request to (612) 297-3312.