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Plan Your Education by Exploring Career Possibilities

Minnesota State consists of 26 state colleges and 7 state universities with 54 campuses across the state and educates more than 340,000 students each year. In fact, 65% of Minnesota resident students are pursuing an undergraduate credential at a Minnesota State college or university and job placement in a related field of study is 89.5%. Minnesota State has the people, places, and programs to help you succeed. 

Skill Up
Do you need a new plan because your life circumstances have been changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Look at the skills you have now and see if they transfer to another job. Find short-term training options that can help you make a career change.

Are you considering college but not sure what you want to do? Visit CAREERwise to explore career options, plan your education, and learn about the job market.

Continuing Education
Maybe you already have a degree or career, but want to learn a new skill or work toward your next promotion?

Through our colleges and universities at Minnesota State, you can take affordable, short-term, non-credit courses or workshops.

Career Centers
Looking for work, an internship or apprenticeship? Perhaps you need help or information to discover what careers are right for you?

Each Minnesota State college and university has a career center, where you can find career counselors, job postings of local employers, and more.

Find Career Planning Information For ...

Map of Minnesota

Are you looking for a good paying, stable career in your region? Learn more about what it takes to live and work in each of Minnesota's 6 planning areas. Research the cost of living. Learn about salaries. Find hot jobs in the region. Explore training options at Minnesota State.

Select the region you're interested in to get started.

Picture of women working with a tablet in a field

Do you know what's happening within Minnesota industries?

Researching the industries Minnesota offers will make your job search more effective. Each of the industries listed below offers high pay, in-demand careers. Select the industry that most interests you to discover career options, learn about the skills and training needed, and find information about employers and jobs.

  • Agriculture
    Start your career in Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AFNR) by exploring the pathways, planning your education, and using the interactive career exploration tools. Visit AFNR Careers to get started!
  • Energy
    Find energy career pathways at the Energy Center of Excellence.  Visit Energy Careers in Minnesota to learn more about careers and jobs in energy.
  • Engineering
    Did you know that the median annual salary for an engineer is close to $80,000? Most engineering jobs require a bachelor’s degree, while some require an associate’s degree or a high school diploma.

    Visit Engineering Careers in Minnesota to research engineering careers, learn about engineering education options, and find engineering jobs. You can also find high demand engineering careers at the Engineering Center of Excellence.
  • Health Care
    Health care is a significant segment of Minnesota's workforce that welcomes job seekers with all types of skills and interests. If you think a health care career is not for you, think again. Visit Health Care Careers in Minnesota to research careers in health care. Learn about education requirements and options. And find jobs in health care.
  • Information Technology (IT)
    Minnesota students, career explorers, and job seekers discover successful career paths in IT. Research IT careers, learn about IT education options, and find IT jobs.
  • Manufacturing
    Explore manufacturing careers in Minnesota. Discover the skills you need in manufacturing and find training options.
  • Transportation
    From automotive, aviation, diesel equipment, and trucks to marine and power sports, truck driving and more, Minnesota offers a wide variety of transportation careers.

    Research transportation careers, learn about transportation education options, and find transportation jobs on Transportation Careers in Minnesota.

Use these tools to help guide your students to explore, plan, and guide their way to the perfect career.


Get Help

Do you need help with your career plan?  CAREERwise representatives are waiting to assist you.  Chat with us at the Info Hub.

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