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Minnesota State is an interdependent network of 37 vibrant colleges and universities committed to collectively nurturing and enhancing a civically engaged, socially mobile, and economically productive Minnesota. I am humbled and honored to serve as chancellor of Minnesota State at a time when communities across Minnesota need us more than ever.

As a system, we foster the success of all students, no matter where they are enrolled, and we support the vitality of all Minnesota communities, no matter where they are located. Our campuses are deeply committed to being places of hope and opportunity for the 375,000 students who dream of becoming our state’s next generation of professionals and leaders – no matter who they are or where they come from. Every year, we send upwards of 40,000 graduates into the economy with new or enhanced skills. 

The transformative work at our colleges and universities inspires me because it has an incredible impact on our state and its people. To ensure that Minnesota State can continue to deliver on its commitments to the people of Minnesota in an era of rapid change, everything we do is focused on three critical priorities: 

  • The Success of our Students particularly those who learn differently from students in previous generations
  • Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as we respond to a demographic shift and welcome an increasing number of students from populations traditionally underserved by higher education
  • The Programmatic and Financial Sustainability of campuses as our colleges and universities respond to new budget realities

We have also recently launched Reimagining Minnesota State, an initiative by our Board of Trustees that will help to augment the capacity of our colleges and universities to accelerate progress on key outcomes of enhanced access to public higher education and enhanced student success by becoming more creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial. 

I believe that despite the challenges facing higher education today, Minnesota State is positioned to deliver on its commitment to nurture and enhance a civically engaged, socially mobile, and economically productive Minnesota.

~ Devinder Malhotra

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Photo of Ron Anderson

Ron Anderson
Senior Vice Chancellor for
Academic and Student Affairs

Photo of Inge Chapin


Inge Chapin

Board Secretary

Photo of Gary Cunningham


Gary Cunningham
General Counsel

Photo of Eric Davis


Eric Davis
Vice Chancellor of Human Resources


Photo of Eric Davis


Noelle Hawton
Chief Marketing and
Communications Officer


Photo of Trent Janezich


Trent Janezich
Interim Executive Director
Comprehensive Workplace Solutions

Photo of Laura M. King


Laura M. King
Vice Chancellor for Finance
Chief Financial Officer




Bernie Omann
Special Assistant to the Chancellor
Government Relations


Photo of Ramon Padilla, Jr.


Ramon Padilla, Jr.
Vice Chancellor for
Information Technology Services


Photo of Clyde Wilson Pickett


Clyde Wilson Pickett

Chief Diversity Officer


 Photo of Jaime Simonsen

Jaime Simonsen

Chief of Staff


Photo of Eric Wion

Eric Wion
Executive Director
Internal Audit

Devinder Malhotra

Jaime Simonsen
Chief of Staff

Pa Yang
Executive Assistant

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