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Vendors and Suppliers at Minnesota State

Minnesota State is the third-largest system of higher education in the United States, serving 340,000+ students and employing 15,300+ faculty and staff each year. We continually seek vendors to fulfill purchasing and contracting needs for our 37 colleges and universities on 54 campuses across the state, as well as the system office, including Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Bids (RFBs), Requests for Information (RFIs), and Requests for Qualifications (RFQs).

Our values extend beyond just finding a particular good or service for the best price. Rather, it's our intention to foster relationships with vendors who embrace price, quality, compliance, service, and speed and we encourage local, women, minority, veteran, and economically disadvantaged businesses to inquire. We appreciate your interest in doing business with Minnesota State!

New Vendors

Current Vendors

  • Review the current opportunities below. Interested vendors should submit their sealed responses, along with signed forms and accompanying materials by the listed deadlines to the appropriate individuals. Email quotes will not be accepted.
  • Minnesota State is committed to enhancing and optimizing business and contracting opportunities for historically under-utilized businesses. See requirements for Targeted Group Businesses.
  • Subscribe to the listserv to be notified of future opportunities.  


Minnesota State must bid any good or service that is $50,000 or more. Competitive bidding allows Minnesota State to properly survey the marketplace and ensures compliance with federal, state, and Minnesota State regulations. Once you have received a request for bid or proposal, carefully review the requirements. Late bids will not be considered.

Vendors are not permitted to solicit business on Minnesota State premises unless requested. Cold calls or dropping in are not permitted. We will contact vendors based on the need for current projects. Registering and/or submitting a proposal does not guarantee selection.

Check out RFP, RFB, RFI, RFQ opportunities below:

Request for Bids (RFBs)

All Construction Bid Opportunities can be viewed at: Minnesota State QuestCDN Private Interface.

This includes RFP/RFQs for Online selection of Designers and Construction Managers for Construction Projects.

Construction documents may be viewed without charge. Bid documents can be downloaded for a non-refundable download delivery fee of $15.00 per project. Bidders pay $30.00 for On-line Submittals.

RFP/RFQs can be downloaded at no cost. The fee for RFP/RFQ submittals is $15 per project.

Request for Proposals (RFPs) 

Minnesota State University, Mankato
A/E Services - Lot 1 Parking Improvements

RFP documents can be viewed at no cost at QuestCDN, eBidDoc Number 8058266
Minnesota State QuestCDN Projects Link:

Responses to this RFP will only be received on-line through QuestCDN.

Proposals are due at 2:00 PM on Thursday, November 11, 2021



Minnesota West Community & Technical College- Granite Falls
Architectural & Engineering Services
HVAC Mechanical Systems Upgrade

Project documents can be downloaded at no cost at:
Minnesota State QuestCDN Private Interface

Proposals are due 2:00 PM CT Monday, October 18, 2021.

An informational meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 22, 2021, at 10:00 AM, at Minnesota West Community and Technical College, 1593 11th Avenue, Granite Falls, MN.  You will direct to the room location when you get to the campus.  Enforcement of COVID protocols will be in place to include masks and social distancing. 

Circular Dichroism Spectropolarimeter System at MSU Mankato

Deadline: Friday, November 12, 2021, by 4:00 pm CST

NHCC - 20 Boiler Replacement Commissioning Agent

A voluntary informational meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 26, 2021, at 2:00 pm CST via Zoom.  See the RFP for Zoom link and further RFP details.

Deadline: Tuesday, November 2, 2021, by 1:00 pm CST


Procurement Methods

Several methods are used to select professional technical consultants based on project size, complexity, and specific requirements.
  • Direct Professional Contracts are generated from selected consultants if costs are less than $50,000.
  • Professional Technical Master Minnesota State IT Contract(s), currently only forensic services, may be used to provide services for a school using a work order template.
  • Facility Professional Technical Contracts
State of Minnesota Buy.IT Programs
  • ASAP-IT: The State of Minnesota Department of Administration and the Office of MN.IT Services have partnered to bring a fast and easy way to help state agencies and other government units eligible under the State’s cooperative purchasing venture (CPV) to secure IT professional services.
  • SITE Master Contract Program: The State of Minnesota Department of Administration and the Office of MN.IT Services operate a program for state agencies and other local units of government to contract for professional IT-related consulting and staff augmentation services in a streamlined process.

Announcing NEW Sourcing Platform

Minnesota State has developed a new sourcing platform to simplify and modernize the way we work with suppliers. This platform offers full digital transformation, transparency, supplier engagement and an easily accessible online approach. While this site is still a work-in-progress, we are eager to announce share this new site and welcome vendors to check it out. Watch this 20-minute vendor training video to learn how to register and bid on opportunities.  If you have any troubles or feedback for the team, please let the procurement team know.

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