Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 16, 1997

World Trade Center
Saint Paul, Minnesota

Trustees Present: Nancy Brataas, Kathleen Caffey, Archie D. Chelseth, Dennis Dotson, Robert Erickson, Christine Fritsche, Stephen L. Maxwell, Gary Mohrenweiser, Denise Stephens, William Ulland, Michael Vekich, James Wafler

Trustees Absent: David Erickson, Michael Nesdahl


  1. Call to Order
    Chair William Ulland called the meeting to order at 1:25 p.m.
  2. Chair's Report
    a. Approval of June 18, 1997, Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
    Trustee Maxwell moved approval of the June 18, 1997, meeting minutes. Trustee Robert Erickson seconded.

    Trustee Stephens noted two corrections to the minutes. The first relates to the motion regarding the amendment to Chapter 1, Policy 1A.1, appointing board members as ex-officio members of committees, on page four. The motion should state that Trustee Stephens voted nay. Also, Mr. Gunnar Wikstrom's name was misspelled on page nine, paragraph three.

    The minutes were approved as corrected.

    b. Proposed 1997-1998 Meeting Calendar
    Chair Ulland reported that Chancellor Anderson will recommend a 1997-1998 meeting calendar at the September 17, 1997, board meeting.

    c. Announcements
    Chair Ulland welcomed James Wafler, who was appointed to the board by Governor Carlson. Trustee Wafler will serve as an at-large member of the board, and filled the vacancy from Morris J. Anderson's resignation on April 21, 1997.

    Chair Ulland reported that Michael Nesdahl, also appointed to the board by Governor Carlson, was unable to attend today's meeting because of a military commitment. Trustee Nesdahl, a student from Southwest State University, replaces Randall Knudson, whose term expired on July 1, 1997. Chair Ulland noted that Trustee Nesdahl sent each trustee a memorandum related to MnSCU's tuition policy.

    Chair Ulland said the election of officers will occur at the September meeting. The board has a self-nominating process and also accepts nominations from the floor at the time of the meeting. The self-nominating process is thirty days in advance of the meeting. Since there is no August board meeting, Chair Ulland asked if any trustees wished to declare their candidacy as officers of the board, and noted that self-nominated candidates do not need to declare their candidacy in writing.

    The following trustees declared their candidacy:

    • Trustee Fritsche as vice-chair for a second term.
    • Trustee Vekich as chair.
    • Trustee Stephens as secretary for a second term.
    • Trustee Maxwell as treasurer for a second term.

    Chair Ulland reported that the Executive Committee meeting, scheduled for August 1, 1997, is canceled.
  3. Trustee Reports
    Trustee Stephens, recently appointed chair of the Board Operations Committee, reported that she met with John Ostrem, deputy to the chancellor for legislative analysis, and Mary Stanton, assistant director for government relations, to discuss the rewrite of Chapter 1, of the Board Policy Manual. Trustee Stephens invited the other trustees to comment on the rewrite. The rewrite will take place during July and August, and be reviewed in September. A draft of the first reading will be presented at the October board meeting.
  4. Chancellor's Report
    Chancellor Anderson introduced several new staff members. Linda Kohl, associate vice chancellor, Public Affairs; Judy Swanholm, executive assistant to the chancellor; and Gail Olson, deputy counsel, Attorney General's Office, who will succeed Steve Liss.

    Chancellor Anderson noted that board members received a summary of legislation impacting MnSCU that was passed during the 1997 legislative session.

    Chancellor Anderson announced that each trustee will be invited to attend a tuition conference at Oak Ridge Conference Center, in Chaska, on October 12-14, 1997. The conference will provide an opportunity to hear tuition discussions from around the country.

    Chancellor Anderson reported that MnSCU received $400,000 from the Job Skills Partnership Program on July 3, 1997, for the expansion and upgrading of MnSCU's airframe and power mechanics programs. This represents a consolidated effort with the campuses that offer these programs and Northwest Airlines, with Northwest contributing nearly $1.5 million in equipment, time and materials.

    Chancellor Anderson reported that he met with the Minnesota Community College Student Association on Friday, July 11, 1997.

    Chancellor Anderson announced that candidates were being interviewed for the provost position at University Center Rochester. A recommendation for provost will be forthcoming at a later date.

    Chancellor Anderson reported that the system office is reviewing ways to integrate MnSCU's capacity with welfare reform. Proposals will be presented for the board's consideration later this fall.
  5. Chancellor's Consent Agenda
    There were no items for the Chancellor's Consent Agenda.
  6. Board Standing Committee Reports
    a. Educational Policy Committee
    1. Program Approval: Pharmacy Technician--Rochester Community and Technical College
      Committee Chair Vekich moved approval of the request by Rochester Community and Technical College to offer a diploma in Pharmacy Technician. Trustee Fritsche seconded and the motion carried without dissent.
    2. Program Approval: Master of Science in Social Responsibility--St. Cloud State University
      Committee Chair Vekich moved approval of the request by St. Cloud State University to offer a Master of Science in Social Responsibility. Trustee Mohrenweiser seconded and the motion carried without dissent.
    3. Program Approval: Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Applied Mathematics--Metropolitan State University
      Committee Chair Vekich moved approval of the request by Metropolitan State University to offer a Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Applied Mathematics. Trustee Wafler seconded and the motion carried without dissent.
    4. Committee Work Plan
      Committee Chair Vekich reported the committee reviewed the work plan and mission statement.
    5. Information: Strategic Plan Update
      An update on the Strategic Plan will be presented at the September board meeting.
    6. Information: Metropolitan Plan Update
      Committee Chair Vekich reported that Dr. Hazel Reinhardt provided the committee with an update on the Metropolitan Plan. Letters were sent to prospective members of the Blue Ribbon Advisory Panel. The Technical Committee has been appointed and has begun meeting.
    7. Information: Academic/Student Affairs Policy Revision Process and Progress
      Committee Chair Vekich reported that the committee heard an update on the academic/student affairs policy revision process and progress.

    8. Information: Program Approval Manual
      Committee Chair Vekich reported that because of time constraints the committee was unable to review the Program Approval Manual. It will be heard at the September meeting.
    b. Joint Fiscal and Educational Policy Committees
    1. FY98 College and Universities Operating Budgets and Tuition Recommendations
      Fiscal Policy Committee Chair Chelseth reported that a joint meeting of the Fiscal Policy and Educational Policy Committees was convened to review the chancellor's recommendations for college and universities operating budgets and tuition recommendations for fiscal year 1998. Students and a coalition of students and faculty presented their concerns about tuition during the joint meeting. Trustee Chelseth reported that the chancellor's recommended motion was amended and carried by the committees.

      Trustee Stephens commented that while the amended motion clarified the board's action, she will not support the motion because she is opposed to rolling one-time increases into the base. Trustee Stephens requested a roll call vote.

      On behalf of both committees, Chair Chelseth moved the amended motion and Trustee Mohrenweiser seconded it, as follows:
      The board of trustees directs the development of a new MnSCU reserve policy consistent with the above information. In addition, the board of trustees approves the individual tuition rates as shown on attachment F (page 46, column 2 labeled, "Proposed FY 98 Per Credit Resident UG"). This action applies to other tuition rates charged by the institution not impacted by reciprocity agreements, such as graduate and non-resident. Further, the board of trustees approves the 1998 initial allocation of state funds for MnSCU colleges and universities totaling $501,682,000 and shown on attachment G, column a. The chancellor will provide a FY1998 budget update after allocations are finalized this fall.
      The motion carried on a roll call vote of nine in favor (Trustees Wafler, Vekich, Mohrenweiser, Maxwell, Fritsche, Robert Erickson, Dotson, Chelseth and Ulland ) and three opposed (Trustees Stephens, Caffey and Brataas).

      Replying to a question about the implementation date, Vice Chancellor King reported that the July 1, 1997 implementation date is in order to reach back to the start of the fiscal year for purposes of operating budget and system office budget. The date of implementation for the tuition portion of the motion is for fall term, 1997, and in some instances, the second summer term, 1997.

      Responding to a request for an update on the library projects, Vice Chancellor King reported that Winona State University's library project is on schedule with ground breaking to occur in the fall of 1997. St. Cloud State University's library project will begin in the spring of 1998.
  7. Presidential Advisory Committee
    President Bensen, Bemidji State University, reported that the Electronic Academy Summer Institute was a huge success and that plans were already underway for next year's institute.

  8. Joint Council of Student Associations
    Jason Krogerson, president, Minnesota Community College Student Association, thanked Chancellor Anderson for attending MCCSA's summer session strategy session. Mr. Krogerson addressed the board on various matters including the upcoming fall conference on tuition policy. While students were invited to attend the conference and listen, Mr. Krogerson reported that MCCSA, MSUSA, and MTCSA were concerned that they were not included in the long-term tuition policy plan that was being discussed. Mr. Krogerson commented that the student organizations believe that the lack of student involvement in tuition policy is a violation of board policy.

    Chancellor Anderson commented that he will ascertain if the number of students involved in the tuition conference is adequate. Additionally, students will be invited to subsequent meetings after the fall conference.

    Francis Klinkner, chair, Minnesota State University Student Association, addressed the board. Mr. Klinkner commented that MSUSA's summer conference will be held at Winona State University on July 18-20, 1997. This fall MSUSA will celebrate its 30th anniversary.

    Frank Viggiano, executive director, Minnesota State University Student Association (MSUSA) addressed the board. Mr. Viggiano outlined concerns about EduServ Technologies and its decision to discontinue the student loan business.

    Rick Harvala, student, Northwest Technical College, Moorhead and legislative liaison, MTCSA, addressed the board. MTCSA's new officers for 1997-1998 are: Nicholas Hawkins, president, Steve Pojhola, vice president, Ruthie Hillesheim, treasurer. The consolidation between MTCSA and MCCSA is on track. Mr. Harvala thanked Steve Frantz, MnSCU system director for student life/disabilities for his hard work, wisdom and dedication.
  9. MCCFA, IFO, and UTCE: Joint Opportunity to Address the Board
    Larry Litecky, president, Minnesota Community College Faculty Association (MCCFA) addressed the board.

    Dave Abel, president, Inter-Faculty Organization, distributed comparisons of MnSCU professor's salary levels to the national average for professors. MnSCU's professors' salaries were also compared to Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference colleges salaries.

    Bruce Hemstad, president, United Technical College Educators, thanked Chancellor Anderson for accepting an invitation to attend the first fall executive board meeting of UTCE. Mr. Hemstad also thanked Trustee Robert Erickson for his continuing efforts to engage the faculty units in dialogue.
  10. Requests by Individuals to Address the Board
    There were no requests by individuals to address the Board.
  11. Other Business
    Chair Ulland called for a motion to go into closed session to discuss collective bargaining strategies and status of bargaining pursuant to Minnesota Statute ???471.705, subd. 1a (1996) (Minnesota Open Meeting Law). Trustee Mohrenweiser moved to close the meeting and Trustee Fritsche seconded. The motion carried and the board went into closed session at 2:40 p.m.

    Trustee Fritsche moved to adjourn the closed session of the board. Trustee Mohrenweiser seconded and the motion carried without dissent.
  12. Adjournment
    Trustee Vekich moved adjournment of the open meeting at 4:13 p.m. Trustee Fritsche seconded and the motion carried without dissent .

William Ulland, Chair - Board of Trustees
Recorded by Inge Chapin