Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Monday, November 15, 1999

Radisson Inn
St. Paul, Minnesota

Trustees Present: Nancy Brataas, Brent A. Calhoun, Robert Erickson, Christine Fritsche, Jim A. Luoma, Joann Splonskowski, Michael Vekich, Chair.

Trustees Absent: Andrew Boss, Kathleen Caffey, Mary Choate, Daniel G. Coborn, Dennis Dotson, David Erickson, James Wafler.

MnSCU Senior Staff Also Present: Senior Vice Chancellor Linda Baer, Associate Vice Chancellor Leslie Mercer, Board Executive Director Bob McFarlin.



  1. Call to Order
    Chair Vekich called the meeting to order at 5:10 PM. A quorum was not present.
  2. Purpose of the Meeting:
    Chair Vekich outlined that the purpose of the meeting was to hear a presentation from Dr. Lee Kerschner, vice chancellor, emeritus for California State University, who will be conducting an "environmental scan" for MnSCU as part of the search process for MnSCU's next chancellor.
  3. Discussion:
    Dr. Kerschner outlined that the "environmental scan" will involve multiple interviews with individuals representing MnSCU stakeholder groups. The interviews will focus on three areas of interest: (1) MnSCU accomplishments, (2) opportunities facing MnSCU, and (3) threats to MnSCU's success. The final product will be an objective written analysis of MnSCU's current environment that will be shared with potential chancellor candidates and a wider audience of MnSCU stakeholders. The written report is expected to the Board of Trustees sometime in March or April 2000.

    Discussion and questions followed Dr. Kerschner's presentation.
  4. Adjournment:
    Chair Vekich adjourned the meeting by consensus at 7:00 PM.

Michael Vekich, Chair
Recorded by Robert J. McFarlin