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Board appoints Morris Anderson as Interim Chancellor
The Board of Trustees unanimously appointed Morris J. Anderson as Interim Chancellor of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. Mr. Anderson has served as a member of the Board of Trustees since 1996 and resigned on April 23 to be considered for the interim chancellor's post. Currently Chief of Staff to Governor Arnie Carlson, Mr. Anderson will begin his new duties on July 1.

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Board endorses terms of 1995-97 collective bargaining agreement with UTCE
The Board of Trustees endorsed the terms of the 1995-97 collective bargaining agreement with the United Technical College Educators (UTCE), and authorized the chancellor to submit the tentative agreement to the Commissioner of the Department of Employee Relations for presentation and approval by the Joint Legislative Subcommittee on Employee Relations.

New Program Approval: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science - Southwest State University
The Board of Trustees approved the request by Southwest State University to offer a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. Program implementation will begin in August, 1997. The program is especially designed to address regional interests and concerns, will also be attractive to students outside the 19-county area of Southwest Minnesota.

New Program Approval: Physical Therapist Assistant Program - Dakota County Technical College and Inver Hills Community College
The Board of Trustees approved the request by Dakota County Technical College and Inver Hills Community College to offer an Association in Applied Science in Physical Therapist Assistant. Program implementation will begin in January, 1998. Physical Therapist Assistants are skilled technical health workers who function under the supervision of a Licensed Physical Therapist and assist in patients' treatment programs.

MnSCU System Office Move
The Board of Trustees authorized the chancellor to negotiate final lease terms with the representatives of the World Trade Center. The lease shall run for ten years from approximately September 1, 1997 and may include a review at the fifth year. The expected relocation date is September 1, 1997. A final lease will be presented to the Board of Trustees at the June 18, board meeting.

Land Transfer to the City of Moorhead
The Board of Trustees approved conveyance of up to 10.8 acres of land held by Moorhead State University to the City of Moorhead. The purpose of the conveyance is to use the land in ways which would be mutually beneficial to the university and the city. Authority was granted by the 1997 Legislature and approved by Governor Carlson to convey this land. The Attorney General will prepare the necessary documents to convey the property and execute lease/use agreements between the city, the ice hockey association and the university.

Revenue Bond Fund Management Delegation to the State Board of Investment
The Board of Trustees approved an amended motion directing the chancellor to negotiate a management contract with the State Board of Investment for the investment administration duties of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Revenue Bond Fund. Quarterly performance reports will be submitted to the board.

FY 1998 Allocation Implementation Recommendation
The Board of Trustees amended the original motion for FY 1998. The actual wording of the amended motion follows (new language is in italics): The Board of Trustees reaffirmed its commitment to move to the FY 1998 Allocation Model for all MnSCU institutions as well as its commitment to maintain access throughout the state. The first state of implementation (FY 1998) will enable all institutions to participate in increases in the base funding that MnSCU may receive for FY 1998-1999. If MnSCU receives the Governor's recommended appropriation or a greater amount, the Board directs that all institutions will receive an allocation that is at least equal to each institution's FY 1997 allocation of state appropriated dollars. The board further directs the chancellor to develop strategies for maintaining access across the state as part of the allocation model implementation plan for FY 1999-2003 to be presented to the board in September, 1997.

Proposed Amendment to Policy 1A.1., Consultation to Call Audit and Board Operations Committee Meetings
The Board of Trustees approved an amendment to MnSCU Policy 1A.1- Part 6 (Standing Committees of the Board). The amendment allows the chairs of the Audit and Board Operations Committees to schedule meetings without having to consult with the board chair. MnSCU's other standing committees already have this authority.

Audit Committee Charter and Bylaws/ Internal Audit Office
The Board of Trustees approved the following:

  1. an Audit Committee Charter;
  2. Audit Committee Bylaws;
  3. Internal Audit Office Charter;
  4. Audit Committee Organizational Chart;
  5. job description and qualifications for Director of Internal Audit;
  6. Internal Audit FY 1998 Preliminary Budget; and
  7. search process and timelines for hiring a director of internal audit.