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Saint Paul, Minnesota


Election of Officers

The Board of Trustees re-elected Mary P. Choate as chair, and Jim Luoma as vice chair, and elected Michael Redlinger as treasurer. Officers serve for one-year terms effective August 1, 2002.

Appointment of President of Minneapolis Community and Technical College

The Board of Trustees approved the recommendation of Chancellor McCormick to appoint Phillip Davis as Distinguished Senior Fellow for Academic Affairs for the period July 1, 2002 through July 17, 2002, and appointed Phillip Davis as president of Minneapolis Community and Technical College effective July 18, 2002, subject to the completion of an employment contract, which the Board authorizes the Chancellor to negotiate in consultation with the Chair of the Board and the Chair of the Human Resources Policy Committee, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Personnel Plan for MnSCU Administrators.

Approval of FY 2003 Meeting Calendar

The Board of Trustees adopted the FY 2003 meeting calendar as follows (note that dates in November 2002 and February 2003 are reserved):


August, 2002, No Meetings
September 4, 2002, Executive Committee Meeting
September 17-18, 2002 Board Meeting
October 2, 2002, Executive Committee Meeting
October 15-16, 2002, Board Meeting
November 6, 2002, Reserved for Executive Committee Meeting
November 19-20, 2002, Reserved for Board Meeting
December 4, 2002, Executive Committee Meeting
December 17-18, 2002, Board Meeting
January 8, 2003, Executive Committee Meeting
January 22-23, 2003, Board Meeting
February 5, 2003, Reserved for Executive Committee Meeting
February 19-20, 2002, Reserved for Board Meeting
March 5, 2003, Executive Committee Meeting
March 18-19, 2003, Board Meeting
April 2, 2003, Executive Committee Meeting
April 15-16, 2003, Board Meeting
May 7, 2003, Executive Committee Meeting
May 20-21, 2003, Board Meetings
June 4, 2003, Executive Committee Meeting
June 17-18, 2003, Board Meeting
July 2, 2003, Executive Committee
July 15-16, 2003 Annual Board Meeting


Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF) Contract Approval

The Board of Trustees approved the terms of the 2001-2003 labor agreement with Minnesota State College Faculty (MSCF), and authorized the Chancellor to sign the agreement on behalf of the Board contingent upon ratification by MSCF membership.

FY 2002-2009 Capital Budget Guidelines

The Board of Trustees approved the FY 2004-2009 Capital Budget guidelines.

Gifts of Real Property - Winona State University; Hibbing Community College

The Board of Trustees accepted the gift of the Alumni House to Winona State University; and the gift of forty acres of real property to Hibbing Community College. The Board of Trustees gratefully acknowledged the generous gift from the Winona State Alumni Society; and the generous gift from the Mildred J. Hartney Trust, to the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities, Winona State University and Hibbing Community College.

Program Closures

The Board of Trustees approved the closure of programs at: Central Lakes College; Dakota County Technical College; Fergus Falls Community College; Hennepin Technical College; Hibbing Community College; Mesabi Range Community and Technical College; Minneapolis Community and Technical College; Minnesota State College - Southeast Technical; Minnesota State University Moorhead; Minnesota State University - Mankato; Minnesota West Technical College; Northland Community and Technical College; Northwest Technical College; Pine Technical College; Rainy River Community College; Ridgewater College, Riverland Community College; Rochester Community and Technical College; South Central College; St. Cloud Technical College; and St. Paul Technical College.