April 11, 2002

TO: Vice Chancellor Laura King
Finance and Facilities

FROM: President Barden

RE: Non-Resident/Non-Reciprocity Students-Waiver for "Out-of-State" Tuition

After consultation with the Student Senate and the University's Academic Policy Advisory Committee, and on behalf of MSUM's administrative team, I request that the following Tuition Waiver be presented to the Board of Trustees for their approval. This waiver will apply at Minnesota State University Moorhead and be effective starting with the Fall Semester of 2002.

In the Fall Semester of 2001 out of 6,252.6 FYE undergrad students enrolled at MSUM, 268.2 FYE (4.3%) were classified as Non-Resident/Non-Reciprocity. A significant portion of these were international students, as demonstrated by a disaggregation on a headcount basis. Thus, 152 students (headcount) were U.S. residents from 34 different states outside of our historical service area of MN, ND, SD, and WI. (MT (19), IL (16), CA, AK, IA (14 each) were 'leader' states.)

Current policies of the Board of Trustees set several conditions by which NR/NR students can get a waiver of "out-of-state" tuition and thereby pay tuition at the "resident tuition" level. Most of the NR/NR students received a waiver of "out-of-state" tuition. Only 45 full-time students actually paid the NR/NR tuition level last Fall Semester (out of 7,436 Headcount students).

MSUM's administrative team has carefully considered last fall's data, with assurance from the Registrar and Business Manager that last fall's results are typical of the situation for recent years. We are troubled, for instance, that MSUM has a comparatively low enrollment of NR/NR students for a MN state university.

The response we choose to make is one intended to turn this "negative" into a "positive" for our university. We seek authorization from the Board of Trustees to waive "out-of-state" tuition for all non-resident U.S. students who meet regular admission standards and remain in good standing academically. Our objective is to attract more of these students as a means to enrich our campus community with students who bring a greater variety of life experiences, learning, and talents. While we risk about $135,000 of current tuition revenue, we are confident that our academic community can double and even triple the enrollment of NR/NR U.S. students over current levels. An aggressive campaign to advertise this "scholarship" will, I am certain, help produce the diverse learning environment and enrollment stability we need in the years to come.

The Student Senate has requested that the administration carry this initiative forward. The University's Academic Policy Advisory Committee unanimously supports this request. Only the Board of Trustees can authorize MSUM to waive out-of-state tuition. I request the Board's authorization to do so for a four-year pilot period.


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