Project Summary

For a three-year period Minnesota State College-Southeast Technical (MSC-ST) has charged in-state tuition to all Iowa students as part of the tuition pilot project. The students were granted in-state tuition and enjoyed this benefit as long as they were continuously enrolled at MSC-ST for the duration of their program.

The College goals in this tuition project were:

  • Increase enrollments to increase program efficiency and space utilization.
  • Compete more effectively with Iowa colleges that are currently using this recruitment technique.
  • Increase the trained labor force for southeast Minnesota.
  • Recruit potential students in areas currently identified as needed for economic development in southeast Minnesota.
  • Increase the revenue of the local economies of Winona and Red Wing where our campuses are located.

College Activities
College activities to increase enrollment of Iowa students have included:

  • College poster sent to counselors in all high schools in northeast Iowa during the 2000-01 academic year.
  • Posters and college catalogs mailed to all high schools in Iowa for the 2001-02 academic year.
  • Fall college nights attended in Iowa:
    • Decorah - Luther College (last three years)
    • Dubuque - Loras College (new for 2001-02)
  • Spring college nights in Iowa - new for the 2001-02 year: o Esterville - March 20, 2002 o Spencer - March 21, 2002 o Storm Lake - March 22, 2002
  • MSC-ST college representatives visit the following high schools in Iowa:
    • Crestwood
    • Decorah
    • Kee High
    • South Winneshiek
    • Waukon
    • Ames
    • Algona (new in 2001-02)
    • Spencer (new in 2001-02)
    • Storm Lake (new in 2001-02)
  • College postcards announcing upcoming campus visit days for 2002 are being sent to juniors and seniors in the 9 high schools listed above.
  • MSC-ST has exhibited at the Iowa Music Educators' Conference in Ames, Iowa, for the last three years.
  • In November 2001, 11,000 college brochures announcing in-state tuition were sent to juniors and seniors in northeast Iowa.
  • The College has promoted class registrations 6 times through the Cresco Times Plain Dealer, a newspaper with a circulation of over 12,000 in northeast Iowa.

Enrollment Data
Fall Headcount - State of Iowa
Prepared: 10/16/01

Fall 1996
Fall 1997
Fall 1998
8 students
4 students
14 students


Fall 1999
Fall 2000
Fall 2001
Fall 2002

11 students
14 students
13 students
17 students
Headcount 14 13 17
Credits 306 340 486
FYE 10.20 11.33 16.20
Program majors represented: 19
Graduates: 10
Aviation AAS
Aviation Diploma
Autobody Diploma
Autobody Sheetmetal Certificate
Autobody Replacement Certificate
Automotive Technology Diploma
Band Instrument Repair
C++ Programming Certificate
Cosmetology AAS
Drafting and Design AAS
Drafting and Design Diploma
Industrial Technology Diploma
Massage Therapy Certificate
Medical Secretary AAS
Musical String Guitar Diploma
Musical String Violin Diploma
Practical Nursing Diploma
Retail Management AAS
Truck Driving Certificate


  1. Annual report on the number of non-reciprocity, non-resident students paying in-state tuition including statistics on FYE, headcount, program selection, and prospects.
  2. Student follow-up report:
    • Graduate student follow-up with respect to post-college residence and place of employment.
    • Non-graduate student follow-up with respect to post-college residence and place of employment.
    • Continuing students' choice of educational institution other than MSC-ST.
  3. Estimated economic impact of non-resident students on the region.
  4. MSC-ST operating budget impact report of the non-resident student.

MSC-ST has seen a small but steady increase in headcount of Iowa students that the College directly attributes to the recruitment, marketing, and outreach efforts in this tuition project. The College's Director of Enrollment Services reports that there has been a marked increase in interest and inquiries when she and her staff have attended college fairs and high school visits in Iowa.

These students who are now prospects may likely convert to college enrollees. Since MSC-ST is one of the colleges piloting this in-state tuition project in Minnesota, it will take considerable time and effort to create an awareness and understanding that this in-state tuition exists for Iowa students.

MSC-ST would like to be granted authority in continuing to charge in-state tuition to non-reciprocity, non-resident, new and returning students. The College will provide an annual report to the Board of the outcomes detailed above after the close of each fiscal and academic year. MSC-ST is already measuring the outcomes so the evaluation will be obtained in our regular course of business.