April 18, 2007

Board Meeting Summary

Wells Fargo Place
Saint Paul, Minnesota


Proposed Amendment to Policy 3.16 International Baccalaureate Credit
The Board of Trustees approved the amendment to Policy 3.16 International Baccalaurate Credit.

Hibbing Community College Surplus Real Property Dispositions
The Board of Trustees approved the designation as surplus and authorized for sale the parcel controlled by Hibbing Community College, generally identified as the SE ¼ of SW ¼ and SW ¼ of SE ¼ , except the railroad Right of Way, in Section 6, Township 57, Range 20 West of the Fourth Principal Meridian, County of St. Louis, State of Minnesota.

Audit Contract for Principal Systemwide Auditor
The Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Kern, DeWenter, Viere to serve as principal external auditor for the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. The principal auditor is responsible for providing audit services of the following:

  • System-wide financial statements,
  • Revenue Fund financial statements, and
  • Federal Financial Assistance.

The term of this appointment begins upon execution of contracts and shall continue to fulfill external auditing needs for the three fiscal years from June 30, 2007 through 2009.

The Board of Trustees authorized the Executive Director of Internal Auditing and the Vice Chancellor/Chief Financial Officer to negotiate contracts with Kern, DeWenter, Viere consistent with the terms contained in its proposal dated February 28, 2007.