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Hybrid Vehicle Specialist

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About this Program

Automotive service technicians and mechanics must be able to work on high-voltage electrical systems. Technicians need to be familiar with other parts and systems specific to these vehicles, such as lithium-ion batteries and electric generators. Working on all-electric or hybrid-electric vehicles requires skills in addition to those needed to work on conventional vehicles.

Some automotive service technicians and mechanics might also convert gasoline vehicles to electric vehicles or install systems to help improve a vehicle�s fuel efficiency. The job of automotive service technicians and mechanics has evolved from simple mechanical repairs to high-level technology related work. Integrated electronic systems and computers regulate vehicles and their performance on the road. To fix problems with these systems, workers use both computerized shop equipment to work with electronic parts and traditional hand tools.

Classroom Location(s)

  • Hennepin Technical College, Brooklyn Park 55445
Hennepin Technical College
Hennepin Technical College
9000 Brooklyn Blvd. Brooklyn Park, MN 55445
Local: (952) 995-1300

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