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Sign Language Interpreter/Transliterator

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About this Program

The Sign Language Interpreter/Transliterator AAS Degree program prepares individuals to work as interpreter/transliterators facilitating and mediating communication between Deaf/Hard of Hearing and hearing people. Interpreters must convey accurate messages, feelings and attitudes of participants, whether those messages are spoken or signed. To accomplish this, competency in English and in American Sign Language are necessary. A strong academic background, and traits that demonstrate maturity, responsibility, flexibility, and the ability to work well under pressure, are assets.

The curriculum requires both general education courses as well as courses specifically related to the Deaf Community and interpreting. The program covers a variety of subject areas which include ASL linguistics and language development, interpreting process theory and application, interpreter roles/responsibilities and interpreter´┐Żs Code of Professional Conduct, history of deaf people and their culture, and the historical evolvement of the interpreting profession. Interpreting and Transliterating skills courses provide guided practice in developing the skills necessary to effectively interpret/transliterate.

Students will experience a variety of learning environments including classroom work, laboratory practice and field placement. Students will be required to have both in-class and out-of-class experiences with members of the Deaf Community to further develop
ASL fluency and cultural awareness.

Classroom Location(s)

  • Saint Paul College 55102
Saint Paul College
Saint Paul College
235 Marshall Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55102
Toll-Free: (800) 227-6029
Local: (651) 846-1600

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