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Welding Technology

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Program Overview
Welding, brazing, cutting, and fabrication
operations require skilled workers who are
well-trained in the use of oxyacetylene, arc, wire
feed, heliarc, flux core, submerged arc welding
process, layout, CNC/NC plasma cutting, press
break and robotics. Skilled welding fabricators
are thoroughly familiar with breakdown and
setup procedures, test standards, and all types
of metals.
Physical requirements include good eyesight,
good hand and eye coordination and the ability
to perform heavy, physical work.
Career Opportunities
According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 7 out
of 10 welding-related jobs were held by skilled
welders. Skilled welders who are familiar with
up-to-date techniques should have good job
Welders and fabricators work in manufacturing
plants as production welders, maintenance
welders, specialist welders, layout, press brake
operators, operators, NC/CNC plasma cutting
operators, and robotic welding operators
in structural and non-structural settings.
Welding/fabricating is widely used in the
aircraft, automobile, trucking, shipbuilding,
pipefitting, plumbing, sheetmetal, ironworking
and other trades that use metals. Skilled welders
may become layout specialists, technicians,
supervisors or private shop owners.

Classroom Location(s)

  • Saint Paul College 55102
Saint Paul College
Saint Paul College
235 Marshall Ave. Saint Paul, MN 55102
Toll-Free: (800) 227-6029
Local: (651) 846-1600

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