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Aircraft Systems

Program Details

About this Program

MCTC�s Aircraft Maintenance Technician program will prepare you to perform extensive maintenance, repair work and detailed inspections on all types of aircraft while meeting Federal Aviation Administration standards. You will learn to service, repair, and overhaul aircraft systems, structures and engines to ensure proper operation and safety. In addition, you will learn how to access information on specifications, diagnostics and troubleshooting techniques. Given the importance of teamwork in the aviation environment, you will be instructed on team-building and communication techniques. You will also learn valuable decision-making and deductive-reasoning skills.

Classroom Location(s)

  • Delta Building C 55450
Minneapolis Community and Technical College
Minneapolis Community and Technical College
1501 Hennepin Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55403
Toll-Free: (800) 247-0911
Local: (612) 659-6200