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Teacher Assistant/Instructional Aide/Paraprofessional

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About this Program

This degree prepares graduates for employment as a paraprofessional educator in a Kindergarten - 12th grade school district or early childhood program.

The curriculum is developed to cover the nine Minnesota Core Competency Areas:
�The philosophical, historical, and legal foundations of education
�Characteristics of learners
�Assessment, diagnosis and evaluation
�Instructional content and practice
�Supporting the teaching and learning environment
�Managing student behaviors and social interaction skills
�Communication and collaborative partnerships
�Professional and ethical practices
�Academic instructional skills in math, reading and writing

Graduates who decide to continue their education and are interested in a professional education need to work closely with their advisor to ensure that their career goals are achieved.

Classroom Location(s)

  • Mesabi Range College, Virginia 55792
Mesabi Range College
Mesabi Range College
1001 W. Chestnut St. Virginia, MN 55792
Toll-Free: (800) 657-3860
Local: (218) 749-0313
TTY: (218) 749-7783

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