Each Business Expense Form must be signed by the employee and authorized by the employee's supervisor. If the supervisor does not have delegation for the cost centers being charged, then an additional delegated signature is required.


The IRS requires employee business expenses be submitted for reimbursement within a ‘reasonable period of time’, which is further defined as within 60 days after the expenses were incurred. If not submitted within 60 days, these expenses become taxable to both the Employee and the Employer. In light of this policy, monthly submission of expenses is expected for all expense reimbursements.

Please open fillable .pdfs using Internet Explorer or Chrome

  1. Board of Trustee Policy 5.19.3

  2. Campus Employees reimbursed by the System Office

  3. Employee Expense Report

  4. Employee Reimbursement Guidelines (all links will not work with Mozilla Firefox)

  5. Employee Affidavit for Expense Reimbursement (fillable)

  6. Expense Allowance Chart by Barg Unit

  7. Mock Employee Expense Report Illustrating Common Errors

  8. Non-State of MN Expense Reimbursement

  9. Out-State Travel Authorization (fillable)

  10. Presidents' Reimbursement Summary form

  11. Presidents' Reimbursement Guidelines

  12. Travel Expense Reimbursement by an Outside Source (fillable)
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