The following forms are for the use of employees of the system office. Please submit completed forms directly to the system office's Business Office.

For forms and information related to contracts and purchasing at system campuses, please visit the contracts and purchasing section on this site.

  1. Business Office - System Office Procedures and Guidelines

  2. Affidavit for MnSCU Employee Reimbursement

  3. Contractor Affidavit of No Receipt

  4. Budget Transfer/Increase Request

  5. Campus Staff Reimbursement Processing
    System office reimbursement of travel expenses for campus employees.

  6. Candidate Expense Reimbursement Form

  7. Contract Cover Sheet -  Effective 11/25/14 the Contract Cover sheet replaaces the Data Disclosure Form

  8. Employee Expense Report (.xls)

  9. Expense Reimbursement Allowances
    Expense reimbursement allowances by Collective Bargaining Agreement or Compensation Plan

  10. Invoice Request Form
     File this form with the system office Business Office to have a customer invoiced.

  11. Invoice Approval Labels
    Please print on Avery 5160 labels (stocked in Office Services)

  12. MnSCU Board of Trustees' expense report

  13. MS16A.15 Form

  14. Minnesota Certificate of Exemption, Form ST3 (system office and campuses)

  15. Out of State Travel Authorization Form

  16. Vice Chancellor Approval Request Form
    for Contracts and Purchases over $100K

  17. President's Business Expense Processing
    Applies to Expenses Processed in SEMA 4 only

  18. President's Expenses Reimbursement Summary
    Excel summary worksheet

  19. Request for New Cost Center Form
    Fillable Word.doc Form

  20. Requisition for Purchase
    Requires prior approval/authorization in compliance with System Procedure 5.14 Procurement and Contracts.

  21. Special Expense Form

  22. Transaction Log
    Requires prior approval/authorization in compliance with System Procedure 7.3.3 Credit Cards.

  23. Travel Expense Reimbursement by an Outside Source

  24. Vendor Setup Request

If you have questions or comments please send an e-mail to, or refer to the Business Office staff directory for additional contact information.