Mission Statement

We collaborate to drive innovative strategic sourcing solutions to achieve sustainability and best value by leveraging the system's buying power.

The Collaborative Sourcing Team is a unique and transformative all volunteer campus-powered collaboration which has saved colleges and universities tens of millions of dollars and dramatically reduced duplication of effort.



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Strategic Partnerships

The #1 Strategic Initiative of the Collaborative Sourcing Team (CST) is to develop internal and external strategic partnerships.  The CST has cultivated numerous internal partners and over 15 external strategic partnerships.  These partnerships have led to sharing and implementing innovative ideas, best practices, changing procedures, and collaborating on competitive bids.  Leveraging additional purchasing power has garnered even better value and has more effectively used scarce labor resources.

The CST has led profound change and improvement.  One must take a short step back and remember where we started - that is with each of our 31 colleges and universities performing the procurement process separately. Now we are not only leveraging our 31 colleges/universities but joining with our strategic partners to mutually obtain greater value and dramatically reduce duplication of effort.  Campuses report tremendous value received from the Collaborative Sourcing Team's and their strategic partner's efforts!

Joint Powers Agreements (JPA) between Minnesota State Colleges & Universities and the University of Minnesota

The Collaborative Sourcing Team worked with the University of Minnesota to create two Joint Powers Agreements. The agreements allow MnSCU and the UMN to collaborate on purchasing activities - benefiting both schools including reducing costs.

  1. Goods (supplies, commodities, and equipment): Please see goods available through the JPA on the University-Wide contracts web site at:  http://uwidecontracts.umn.edu/
  2. Services (non-construction): Non-construction related services means services not for the performance of construction, alteration, repair or remodeling of facilities.  We have developed a process under which the Collaborative Sourcing Team obtains and reviews with the Office of General Counsel potential UMN service contracts.  The approved service contracts (in MnSCU approved template language) that are available for MnSCU use can be found here.  Colleges and universities should review the contracts and determine if they provide value to your campus.  Also, please contact the CST rather than the University of Minnesota if there are other UMN service contracts that your college or university is interested in having reviewed and approved.

These JPA agreements are designed to leverage our combined purchasing power and reduce duplication of effort.  Based on extremely positive campus feedback this collaboration is accomplishing both objectives.  Please continue to share your campus success stories at: sourcing@minnstate.edu

Collaborative Sourcing Team Contracts

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If you have questions or comments please e-mail sourcing@minnstate.edu or refer to the staff directory link at the top of this page for additional contact information.