The contracts and purchasing help colleges and universities meet Minnesota State's strategic goal of beight

Strategic Sourcing is a discipline, efficient and modern approach to the way Minnesota State purchases more than $700 million in goods and services. Our mission is to provide oversight and facilitation of all colleges and univerisity purchasing process to ensure accountability and responsibility in purchasing policies and system procedures. We accomplish this by leveraging the buying power of the enterprise-wide system.

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Visit the Campus Service Cooperative for Systemwide Contracts and Request for Proposals.

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  • Collaborative Sourcing
    A collaborative team comprised of representatives of colleges, universities and the system office formed to seek innovative systemwide strategic sourcing solutions.
  • Contracts
    Instructions, contract templates and forms relating to the procurement of individual contracted services, i.e. when a master contract is not beneficial.
  • Master Contracts
    Instructions, master contract templates and forms relating to the procurement of contracted services when the use of a master contract is beneficial.
  • Purchasing
    Instructions and forms relating to the purchase of commodities and goods.

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