The Talent Management unit within the Human Resources division provides leadership and support to Minnesota State in attracting, retaining, and developing employees to meet current and future educational needs.

Systemwide efforts are guided by a Talent Management Steering Committee who represent employees from across the Minnesota State system.

What's New?

Recruitment Guidebook

Recruiting a broad and diverse candidate pool is an important part of the hiring process. Talent Management provides many resources to assist hiring managers and search advisory committees. Visit the HR Connect Talent Management page and the Recruiting, Searching, and Selection SharePoint site to learn more.

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Search Advisory Committee Handbook

Talent Management Course Catalog

Leadership Development Course Overview

Talent Management Resources

To assist and support frontline supervisors in their day-to-day work, a Supervisor Toolkit has been created; additional content is always being added. 

Resources for system institutions considering potential succession and development strategies can be found in the Succession Planning Toolkit.

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Focus Areas

Onboarding: Resources for new employees and supervisors.

Performance Management: Tools and resources to help supervisors support performance, provide feedback and evaluate accomplishments

Training and Development: Classroom and online courses for employees, supervisors and other leaders.

Leadership Development: Programs for supervisors, managers, mid-level leaders and executives to help them grow in current and future leadership positions.

Succession Planning: Information to help supervisors, leaders and HR staff ensure our leadership pipeline is filled with qualified individuals who are available to apply when vacancies occur.