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Ramon Padilla Jr.
Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1454

Ross Berndt
Associate Vice Chancellor -Infrastructure & Operations
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1412

Mike Janke
System Director Infrastructure Design and Integration
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-556-0583

Mark Malecek
System Director, Enterprise Software Development
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 320-313-4102

Jamie Nordstrom
System Director, Technologies and Budget
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1607

Craig Munson
Interim Chief Information Security Officer
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1534

Administrative Support

Kathy Barta
Management Analyst
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1613

Christine Benner
Executive Assistant to:
Ramon Padilla Jr Vice Chancellor/CIO
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1462

Kathy Easthagen
ITS Purchasing Buyer
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1422
Fax: 651-917-4731

Jennell Flodquist
ITS Contract and Purchasing Administrator
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1524
Fax: 651-917-4731

Debbie Goldschmitz
Administrative Assistant to:
Mark Malecek - Enterprise Software Development
Jamie Nordstrom -System Director, Technologies and Budget
Mike Janke - System Director Infrastructure Design and Integration
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1419
Fax: 651-917-4731

Jennifer Ostenson
Administrative Assistant to:
Ross Berndt - Infrastructure & Operations Staff
Craig Munson /IT Security Staff
Location: St. Paul
Voice: 651-201-1411
Fax: 651-917-4731

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ITS Driving Directionsto Quarry Center, St. Cloud, MN


Updated 2/21/17
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