How does StarID support IT services?

The StarID is a username used to login to IT services. A key benefit of a StarID is that users will be able to log into multiple applications and services at different institutions using the same username and password: one ID, one password, everywhere.

Campus IT systems

Each college and university can choose to use StarID for their different IT systems. The most common of these systems include:

  • student and employee email
  • classroom and lab computers
  • network printers
  • Desire2Learn (D2L)
  • eServices

Each school determines when and whether to convert their systems to use StarID. A college or university starts the process of converting their systems to StarID by requesting a campus integration project. The EAM team then works with campus IT to develop a detailed project plan that fits the school's schedule.

Check with Information Technology Services at your college or university to learn which of their IT systems have been configured to use StarID.

Enterprise systems

A growing number of systemwide IT systems use StarID wherever they are used. Here are a few of these systems:

  • ISRS / eServices - All ISRS administrative web applications are configured to use StarID for login. Student-facing applications (eServices) accept StarID but do not yet require it. The ISRS team has a project underway to require StarID for all ISRS web applications in 2014.
  • Program Navigator - used to create and redesign academic programs and enter them into Program Inventory and ISRS.
  • CEMRS - Classroom, Event Management, and Resource Scheduling.
  • Minnesota State Connect - a systemwide SharePoint for cross-institution collaboration.
  • Secure File Share (formerly MoveItSecurely) - facilitates the secure sharing of information.
  • STARS - Systemwide Training and Registration Site.
  • eduroam - global WiFi access using your StarID

More information can be found on the program status page.

StarID Authentication Services

The identity and access management program provides services that allow other applications and services to authenticate users with the StarID and password.

  • The StarID Enterprise Directory (SED) is available for LDAP authentication using StarID. This is the same directory already used by the enterprise systems listed above. Access to SED is available to those who have an approved service account.
  • The StarID system can also serve as an identity provider for federated access to an IT system using Shibboleth.

If you are interested in using StarID authentication services or would like to learn more before requesting a service account, please contact Sam Buchanan.

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