Standards provide the technical and procedural framework for ensuring information security by defining requirements that can be implemented and measured. Standards specify technologies and methodologies to be used to secure systems.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards

Network Segmentation Resources

Check Point Full Disk Encryption

CAP Server Documents

2006 Draft Standards Documents

  1. Security of Wireless Access Points and Wireless Local Area Networks (PDF)
    ITS Standard 5.23.A
  2. Anti-Virus Installation and Management (Redacted; See System Guideline
    ITS Standard 5.23.B
  3. Security Patch Management (Redacted; See System Guideline, Anti-malware`Installation and Management)
    ITS Standard 5.23.C
  4. Network Segmentation (PDF)
    ITS Standard 5.23.D
  5. Breach Notification (PDF)
    ITS Standard 5.23.E

2005 Best Practices Documents



2002 Best Practices Documents