About the Security Office

The Information Security Office serves to protect the information resources of the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system while supporting the open access required by academic pursuit.

Our Responsibilities

The Information Security Office is responsible for:

  1. Coordinating the development of system-wide security policies, standards, and procedures to help ensure that decentralized data, facilities, services, and processes are uniformly protected and
  2. Ensuring that the integrity of MnSCU's central facilities, services and data are maintained through effective security management practices.

Our Projects

Incident Response

For security or urgent assistance, please submit a ticket through the customer portal.

Vulnerability Management Infrastructure

The nCircle IP360 platform has been deployed systemwide for vulnerability management. The operational deployed service is now called the Vulnerability Management Infrastructure (VMI). This allows institutions to identify hosts, services, and vulnerabilities on their networks. Institution IT staff can also run trending reports and current-state reports to identify critical issues in a more proactive manner.

For general information and group assistance for VMI, please email us to subscribe to the internal MnSCU VMI email list. (Note: you currently have to be enrolled in the mailing list prior to emailing it.)

For support and assistance, please submist a ticket through the customer portal