The Minnesota State Colleges and Universities Information Security Office, in cooperation with the Advance IT Minnesota, (formerly the Center for Strategic IT and Security) has developed the following self-paced online courses covering various information security-related areas.

This effort is aimed at increasing the information security skills, awareness and knowledge of information technology services staff within Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. These courses are provided for free to ITS staff, faculty and student employees. Click on each track below to see courses that are available today for campus technical staff.

Current Tracks and Courses Available

INFOInformation Security 
INFO101: Information Security Concepts Part 1
INFO102: Information Security Concepts Part 2
INFO202: Change Management

NETW201: Segmenting Network Access (Subnets and VLANS)
NETW211: Hardening Network Devices
NETW221: Wireless Network Management

SERV: Server 
SERV201: Managing Access through Permissions and Policies
SERV231: Centralized Logging & Monitoring
SERV311: Virtualization

DESK311: Malware Investigations and Removal

MGMTSecurity Management 
MGMT211: Security Governance and Business Alignment

ENCRData and Device Encryption 
ENCR210: Check Point Full Disk Encryption: Administration and Deployment
ENCR220: Advanced Check Point FDE Administration
ENCR310: Check Point Media Encryption with Port Protection

PROG101: Principles of Security in Software Development
PROG111: OWASP and Top 10 Web Application Vulnerabilities
PROG221: Application Security: Threat Modeling
PROG222: Application Security: Fuzz Testing

Why am I getting information on this? I don't think it applies!

Our apologies! We did our best to include all staff in ITS, and in some cases, those staff who may find value in this training even though they don't work within ITS directly. If you're certain this is not applicable or useful to you, by all means send an email to unsubscribe from our low-volume announcement list. If you ever change your mind, just see the next question to get re-enrolled in these courses!

I don't have access, or I don't have a login to MnSite.

If you or someone you know would like access to these courses but are not currently enrolled, please send an email to subscribe to the low-volume (1-2 messages per quarter) announcement mailing list. We may then send a follow-up email requesting some basic contact information and get you set up in MnSite. This could take a few days, but it'll be worth the wait!

Why should I take these?

Aside from the general enrichment of learning and the increased awareness of how your actions can improve security and reduce risk, these courses will increase your efficiency and effectiveness. If you hold a certification like a CISSP, which has a continuing education requirement, you can earn continuing education units (CEUs), which you may apply towards those education requirements. Even if you don't hold that kind of certification, you may be able to integrate these materials into your personal development plan. Although you do need to work with your supervisor to decide whether it is appropriate for you to complete these courses while on the clock.

What courses will be available in the future?

Included above is a short list of areas with courses currently being developed, but this is only the beginning! You can view an overview of the curriculum currently planned.