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Minneapolis College Summer Camps

Academic Camps 

Fashion Design

Discover how traditional pattern-making and computer-aided design methods combine to create innovative fashion. Gain knowledge of the fashion industry and how design trends develop.


Graphic Design 

Discover how to combine color, type and images to create great designs. Learn to use Adobe design software to create unique stickers and buttons that you can take home.



Discover how state-of-the-art technology combines with creativity in architectural design. Design a project with computer-aided software. Work with virtual reality equipment to walk through your project. 


Video and Photography 

Discover how to capture images to create vibrant and professional digital photos. Learn about the new and exciting field of drone photography.


Education and Teaching

Get a real-life view of education as a career. Understand how future teachers can shape schools as places of possibility for a more equitable and just society. Try out your own innovative teaching methods. 


Early Childhood Education and Teaching

Discover the impact of teaching small children from diverse cultures. Explore games and exercises designed to spark fun and learning in children. Learn about creating healthy, respectful and challenging learning environments. 





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