August 19, 2010 | Special Committee Meeting Materials

Wells Fargo Place
30 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, Minnesota

The following links are to PDFs unless otherwise noted. Bolded items are action items. Unless otherwise noted, minutes should be considered drafts until approved by the committee or Board. Approved Board minutes can be found on the minutes site.

Schedule and General Information

Academic and Student Affairs Committee

1. Discuss and Select Committee FY11 Goals (pdf)

Audit Committee

1. Minutes of July 20, 2010 (pdf)
2. Discuss Optional Approaches for Future Audit Coverage (pdf)
3. Selection of Committee Priorities (pdf)
4. Discussion of Office of Internal Auditing Issues and Priorities for Next Budget (pdf)
5. Status of the Office of the Legislative Auditor's Program Evaluation Findings (pdf)
6. Roles and Responsibilities of the Audit Committee (pdf)