May 22, 2002 Board Meeting Summary

World Trade Center
Saint Paul, Minnesota


FY 2003 Operating Budget Including Tuition and Fees

FY 2003 Operating Budget Including Tuition and Fees The Board of Trustees adopted the following motion:


  1. The "total allocations" for FY2003 shown on attachment F.
  2. The college and university FY2003 preliminary allocations on attachment G.
  3. The proposed tuition structure recommendations for FY2003 as detailed on attachment E 1-4. The percentage impact of resident tuition rates represents the maximum amount that can be applied to other tuition rates charged by the institution not impacted by reciprocity agreements such as nonresident and off campus rates.

    The tuition increase is effective Summer Session or Fall Semester, 2002 at the discretion of the president. The chancellor is authorized to approve tuition structures for new courses or programs proposed after this date and is requested to provide the Board with a summary of any approvals at the time FY2004 tuition recommendations are presented to the Board. The Board continues the policy of market-driven tuition for closed enrollment courses, customized training, continuing education, distance learning and contract postsecondary enrollment option programs. (attachment E-1, attachment E-2, attachment E-3, attachment E-4)
  4. Pilot programs at Minnesota State College Southeast Technical, Minnesota West Community and Technical College, Riverland Community and Technical College, Northland Community and Technical College, Hibbing Community College and Minnesota State University Moorhead to allow expanded tuition waiver authority are defined in attachment E5. The Chancellor approved, effective Fall 2002, that Mesabi Range be allowed to also pilot the nonresident tuition waiver.
    Attachment E-5 is separated as follows:
  5. The President of Minnesota State University Moorhead, per Board Policy 5.12, part 1, subpart 3, be allowed to waive resident tuition, as proposed in attachment E6.
Normandale Community College Building Renovation Project, Schematic Design

The Board of Trustees approved the schematic design for the Normandale Community College Building Renovation Project Schematic Design as presented.

Resolution Regarding Northstar Foundation

The Board of Trustees fully supports the vision, mission and goals of the Northstar State Colleges and Universities Foundation and will support the foundation's new initiative to actively seek external funding in support of all MnSCU member institutions and the Office of the Chancellor. The Northstar Foundation, in turn, resolves to seek that funding in collaboration with member institutions and from sources not readily available to member institution related foundations.

Mission Approval: Lake Superior College

The Board of Trustees approved the vision, mission and purposes of Lake Superior College.

Proposed Policy 3.28 Charter School Sponsorship

The Board of Trustees approved the proposed MnSCU Policy 3.28 Charter School Sponsorship.

Anoka-Ramsey Community College Property Acquisition

The Board of Trustees approved the acquisition of the property designated at 32975 Polk Street, Cambridge, Minnesota by Anoka-Ramsey Community College, subject to legislative authorization.