State Universities - Carry Forward Policies

IR402-5 d.1(c) Naming New Facilities

The official name for a building or facility shall be determined by the Board upon recommendation by the President of the university involved.

(History lesson - Back in 1965 and again in 1977 when the State University Board rules were revised there was a section under Management of the System identified as "Facilities", and more specifically, Naming New Facilities. When the new Board rules were adopted in 1986, the entire section on facilities was omitted unintentionally, however, the State Universities have been following this policy ever since. Ten years later it has become the "invisible" policy or a "common-law" carry-over policy. MnSCU is in the process of developing a new policy that will supersede this policy and the Community College carry-over policy V.02.06 - Naming of Colleges, Buildings, Major Areas, Etc.)