In-Demand Health Care Careers

Learn more about job availability and wages for health care careers. You will be able to see which careers are currently in demand in various regions across the state. Short-term demand is a combination of recently reported vacancies and relatively low unemployment levels. In-demand careers will have a star ranking of three stars or higher. The regions represented are the six planning areas in Minnesota, as defined by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

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Diagnostic services includes occupations related to the tests and evaluations that aid in the detection, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, injuries or other physical conditions.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in diagnostic services.

Therapeutic services includes occupations focused primarily on changing the health status of patients over time through direct care, treatment, counseling, or health education information.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in therapeutic services.

Biotechnology research and development includes occupations involved in bioscience research and development as it applies to human health. Workers may study diseases to discover new treatments or invent medical devices used to directly assist patients or to improve the accuracy of diagnostic tests.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in biotechnology research and development.

Emergency services careers related to health care includes workers involved in public safety and rapid response to fires and emergency situations, including providing medical services after or during traffic accidents, natural disasters, and other medical emergencies.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in emergency services.

Family and community services careers related to health care includes occupations related to helping disabled, elderly, impoverished or other underrepresented populations to secure housing, employment, financial assistance or other social services.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in family and community services.

Health informatics careers includes workers involved in all aspects of managing health care agencies, patient data and information, financial information, and computer applications related to health care processes and procedures. Workers usually have limited interaction with patients.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in health informatics.

Personal care services careers related to health care include occupations that provide services related to an individual's physical care.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in personal care services.

Support services includes careers that interact with patients or the public to provide a therapeutic environment for the delivery of health care. Includes technical and professional careers.

Select a Minnesota region to see hot jobs in support services that are related to health care.

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