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Have you considered a career in health care?

Health care is an important part of Minnesota's economy. Find in-demand health care careers. Learn about new and emerging careers in health care. Discover where health care workers are employed. Watch short, informative videos about the many different health care careers in Minnesota.

Which health care careers are in-demand?

There are many in-demand health care careers in every Minnesota region. Many of these careers also offer high pay. Learn about the different types of health care careers. You will be able to find quick facts for careers, including typical wages, employment outlook, and education requirements. Links are available to detailed information, including related education programs and jobs.

Find in-demand health care careers.

Are you interested in learning about new career opportunities in health care?  Learn about some of the emerging health care carers in Minnesota.  

  • Dental Therapist
    Dental therapists are oral health professionals who provide dental care while working under the direction of a dentist. One way to think of them is as the oral health equivalent to physician assistants. They are somewhere between dentists and dental hygienists. Learn more about dental therapists.  
  • Community Paramedics
    Community Paramedics are paramedics that have additional training that allows them to provide primary and preventative health care services.  Learn more about community paramedics.
  • Collaborative Practice Dental Hygienist
    Collaborative agreements between dentists and dental hygienists allow dental hygienists to provide care in the community independently.  Learn more about collaborative practice dentists.

As a health care provider, would you like to play an important role in the overall health and well-being of your community? Do you like the idea of getting to know your patients and their families over the years? Do you want a career where you get to care for the "whole person" rather than focusing on a narrow specialty? If so, you might consider practicing in a small town or rural area.

Watch these short, informative videos to learn more about health care career options.

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