Minnesota’s Health Care Education Loan Forgiveness Programs

Are you considering a career in health care and wondering how to pay for it? Or maybe you are already working in health care and are looking for help paying your student loans.

Did you know that Minnesota is one of few states that has its own state loan forgiveness program for health care providers (in addition to a federal loan forgiveness program)?

Every year, the Minnesota Department of Health offers student loan repayment to about 70-80 licensed health care professionals. The purpose of the grants is to encourage providers to work in either rural areas or urban areas that are considered “medically underserved.” These areas are in great need of health care workers. Providers who commit to practicing in these areas for three years or more can apply for these grants.

How do I apply?

The application process begins November 1 each year and closes in January. Awards are announced annually in April. To apply, you are asked to submit a resume, letters of recommendation, and a personal statement.

To apply, you must already be licensed, working in one of the required occupations, and working in a “medically underserved” region. You can commit to serving for three or four years. If a participant originally selected three years but would like to continue for a fourth year, they can reapply for funding.

Check the links below for occupation-specific information about the grant.

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