Transportation Careers in Minnesota

From automotive, aviation, diesel equipment and trucks to marine and power sports, truck driving and more, Minnesota offers a wide variety of careers in transportation.

Research transportation careers, learn about transportation education options, and find transportation jobs.

Explore Transportation Careers
What is it like to work in transportation today?  Find hot jobs in transportation.  Locate detailed career profiles with salary, employment outlook, and job information.  Watch career videos.  Learn about career pathways.  You will also be able to find summer camps for middle and high school students and see transportation news and events.

Plan Your Transportation Education
Discover the skills you need to work in transportation and find Minnesota State programs, courses, and other training options.

Find Transportation Jobs
Research salaries, find employers and job openings for jobs in transportation. Learn which transportation jobs are in demand.

Regional Careers in Demand

Learn more about what it takes to live and work in each Minnesota region.

Minnesota Regions


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