Career Planning Resources for People with Criminal Convictions

Are you worried that your past might get in the way of your job search? Understanding how your criminal record impacts each step of the hiring process will build your confidence and help you overcome roadblocks. Don’t let fear keep you from applying for a job. Remember, even though some employers will say no - others will say yes. It takes time and work to find both the right job and the right employer. Use the resources in this section to:

  • better understand your options
  • prepare to fill out a job application
  • succeed at a job interview
  • find community organizations and programs to help you through the process

Criminal Records and the Hiring Process

  • Who Hires People with a Criminal Conviction
    Some employers hire many people with criminal records. Other employers may be more hesitant. Visit this website to find tips to help improve your chances of getting hired.
  • Collateral Consequences Inventory 
    Created by the American Bar Association, this website shows how different types of criminal convictions affect employment. After you enter the website, select Minnesota on the map and search for consequences on “employment.”
  • Criminal Records and Your Job Search
    Minnesota State CAREERwise
    Employers do background checks on all potential employers. You should know what is on your record before you apply for a job. Visit this page to find detailed information about requesting a copy of your background record. You’ll also learn about expungement and other ways you may be able to change your record. And learn about all of the types of background checks an employer does.

Job Applications and Interviews

  • Filling Out Job Applications
    Minnesota State CAREERwise
    In most cases, Minnesota employers won’t ask you about your criminal record on a job application because of the "Ban the Box" law. Visit this webpage to learn more about the Ban the Box law and find information about filling out job applications. You will also find a link to an online practice job application that can help you prepare.

Successful Job Interviews

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