Exploring Career Pathways

What is the difference between a “job” and a “career?” Your job is where you work to earn a paycheck. Your career is the journey that encompasses all your jobs, experiences, and training. 

What is a Career Pathway?

Jobs or occupations that have similar features are grouped into career clusters. A career cluster can divide into smaller groups of jobs that use similar skills. These smaller groups are called career pathways. Each career cluster may contain several career pathways.

You can start in an entry- or lower-level job in a career pathway. With more education and experience, you can move up within that pathway. You can look for a new job or a promotion within the same career pathway if jobs are available. This way, you can continue to build on your previous experience and skills in your career. Advancing in a career pathway increases your chances of moving into higher-paying jobs that you like and use your skills.