How do I get started?

You can look for short-term non-credit classes that train you in a specific construction or maintenance skill. Or you can look for certificate and degree programs to get started.  Many people also get started through an apprenticeship.

Non-Credit Classes

Why choose non-credit classes?  

  • Flexible scheduling options – many classes are “open enrollment” throughout the year
  • Take just the courses you need to gain skills employers will recognize

What types of non-credit classes are available?

There are non-credit courses available in both construction and maintenance.  Consider training courses in:

  • Construction: Drywaller, Electrician, Plumbing, Building or Home Construction Inspection, Building or Property Maintenance and Management
  • Maintenance/Operations: Boilermaking, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC), & Refrigeration 
  • Safety:  Occupational Safety & Health Administration Certification (OSHA)

Find and register for classes 

Short-Term Credit Programs

Why choose short-term credit programs?  

  • Complete a certificate in one year or less
  • Get started in a new career

What types of credit programs are available?

Look for certificate programs that are 30 credits or less if you want to complete training in a year or less. Associate programs typically take two-years to complete. You can find more training options using the campus and program search.

Apprenticeship Options

  • Find apprenticeships 
    Visit the Department of Labor and Industry to find a list of employers who have recently sponsored apprenticeships.  You can filter the list using the "Occupation" dropdown.  Select "details" to find the contact information for a sponsor.