Find Short-Term Training

Are you ready to get started in a high-demand career where there are lots of opportunities?  Or are you looking for short-term training to improve your skills?  Select any area you are interested in to learn about training for careers that are in demand and require a year or less of training.  You will also find skills training that will help you in your job search.

To explore a complete list of the programs Minnesota State offers, visit the campus and program search.  If you are not sure what you want to do, make a career plan.  

Agriculture and Natural Resources

Train to operate farm equipment, supervise landscaping work, work as a veterinary assistant, or manage natural resources.

Farmer with ipad in front of tractor

Computers and Technology

Gain computer skills and knowledge.  Find training to start your IT career as a computer user support specialist and more.

Man at desk with papers and computer


Would you like to build or maintain highways, bridges, houses, or buildings?

Construction workers looking at electrical assembly on construction site

Health Care

Would you like to get paid for taking care of others?

Medical professional in hospital room with surgical gown and mask


Are you good at working with your hands?

Man with clipboard, gloves and goggles in a manufacturing building

Marketing and Sales

Start your career in sales.  Gain valuable marketing skills.

Woman working on a laptop computer at a desk

Office and Support Careers

Start a career in business, finance, or education with these short-term training programs.  

Two men at computers in an office or computer lab setting

Public Safety and Corrections

Find training to become an EMT, paramedic, firefighter, or corrections officer. Also, find first aid and CPR training.

EMTs or students in CPR training class


Get a CDL license to become a bus or truck driver. Or find training as an auto, bus, or truck mechanic.

Auto mechanic working on a car engine


Get started in telecommunications, energy, or wastewater management.

Telecommunications line worker getting ready to climb a utility pole