Make the Most of Your Training

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Use the tips below to make the most of your short-term training:

  • Know what jobs are available: It may be easier to find a job if there are a lot of openings. Find out which jobs are in-demand right now.
  • Understand which skill make you employable: “Employability skills” or “soft skills” can help you find and keep a job. They also can help you advance in your career. Employers are looking for people who have foundational skills, like being organized, arriving on time, and having a positive attitude. Interpersonal and communication skills are also essential for most jobs, like working well on a team. Learn more about employability skills.
  • If there are not many job openings similar to your previous job, consider whether your knowledge, skills, and abilities transfer to a different type of job
  • Plan for now: Do you know what skills, knowledge, and experience employers are asking for? Does the job you want require physical abilities? Or a background check? Will it meet your financial needs? Use these resources to help you make good choices:
  • Plan for the future: Your career is more than just your current job. It’s the journey that includes all your jobs, experiences, and training. All of the learning you do today can count toward further education in your future.

    Stack for college credit: There are different ways to stack your credentials or learning.
    • Ask if your classes transfer to other college programs.
    • Keep a paper or digital folder of your learning records (classes taken, certifications, etc.). Some of this learning could apply to a college degree through Credit for Prior Learning evaluation.
      • Keep examples of your work experiences and project work.
      • Keep any documentation provided by the training provider, including certificates, transcripts, receipts, etc.
    Stack for career: You may need to take a job to get a paycheck right away or to gain experience. If you create a career plan and know what job you eventually want, you will pick training and jobs that help you move towards that goal. Learn about career pathways.