Roger Boughton

Roger Boughton sitting in chair

Roger Boughton was awarded with an honorary degree at Riverland Community College Commencement.  Boughton has served the Austin community in many ways since he and his wife, Cheryl, moved to the area in 1976. For 34 years, Boughton served as an administrator at Riverland Community College. Since he moved to Austin, he also served and volunteered with the YMCA, Red Cross, KSMQ Public Television, the Austin Housing and Redevelopment Authority, the Austin Port Authority, the Development Corporation of Austin, and several other organizations. He participated in many organizations thanks to his ties with the city. Boughton was first appointed to the council in 2000, after another council member resigned. After only serving a year, Boughton said he was hooked on city government.
“I ran for council the next year and lost,” he said. “But I had a lot of fun.” He finally made it back onto the council in 2010 when he beat Dick Pacholl 1,507 to 1,040 votes. From then on, Boughton served as a sounding board and often asked questions about whatever proposal came before the council.