Moses Tsang

Moses Tsang head shot

Moses Tsang, executive chairman of Hong Kong-based AP Capital Holdings and a global board member of The Nature Conservancy, received an honorary doctorate from Bemidji State University during BSU’s 94th Commencement ceremony, May 10, 2013.

Moses Tsang came to Bemidji State University in 1969 and graduated in 1972 with a degree in social work. In 1976, after completing a master’s degree and finishing all but a dissertation toward a doctorate, a friend encouraged him to change course and consider a career in finance. Tsang took his friend’s advice and quickly became a star in the field of global finance.

He joined Goldman-Sachs in 1976 and quickly skyrocketed through that famed corporation. He spent his first five years with the company based in New York, then spent time in Japan and London before being appointed chairman and managing director of Goldman-Sachs Asia in 1989. He retired as a general partner of Goldman-Sachs in 1994, venturing out onto his own.

After leaving Goldman-Sachs, Tsang has been involved with a number of investment services and partnerships and banking operations. He became chairman and CEO of EC Investment Services Ltd. in 2000; was named chairman and managing partner of Ajia Partners Inc. in 2003; was named a director of Hong Kong’s Fubon Bank in 2004; was named an independent non-executive director of China Central Properties in 2007; and in 2010 was named a director of SOCAM Development.

Currently, he is executive chairman of AP Capital Holdings, Inc., a venture he founded with a partner in 2010 after the partners from Ajia Partners decided to go their separate ways.

Tsang also is heavily involved in The Nature Conservancy, a global organization dedicated to preservation of the Earth’s natural environment and resources. Tsang is one of 30 volunteer advisors on the conservancy’s Asia-Pacific Council, and in 2010 he was named to the conservancy’s global Board of Directors.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Bemidji State, a master’s degree from the University of Iowa, and has done doctoral work at the Universities of Minnesota and Chicago.

Tsang was named a Bemidji State University Outstanding alumni in 2000.