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Central Lakes College

Photo of Sierra Cavegn

Sierra Cavegn

Hometown: Royalton, Minnesota
Employer: CentraCare Home Care and Hospice
Degrees/Majors: Practical Nursing (2014), Advanced Standing Associate of Nursing (2018)

After graduating from the practical nursing program at Central Lakes College, I worked as an LPN for two and a half years before returning to begin the advanced standing associate of nursing program. 

Looking back at my educational journey, I am extremely grateful that I chose to attend Central Lakes College to pursue my nursing degree. The nursing programs at CLC have so many things to offer, including affordable tuition and a great hands-on clinical experience. 

My favorite part about these programs definitely would be the faculty that I was able to learn from. These nurses are very intelligent, and have so many amazing experiences in the field to share with their students. They work very hard to help all of their students succeed. I couldn’t be happier with my CLC experience.