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Minneapolis College

Photo of Felicia “FoFo” Bristol

Felicia “FoFo” Bristol

Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Anticipated Graduation: 2022
Program: Apparel Technologies

After a journey that brought her to three different colleges, Felicia “FoFo” Bristol found her way back to her roots. “It just makes sense that I’m at Minneapolis College. I’m from North Minneapolis. In everything I do I want to give back to my hood.”

It would also make sense that she would return to Minneapolis College to study exactly what it is that sparked her interest as a child: fashion design. “When I was a kid I always wanted to play in fabric, try on dresses and heels,” FoFo said. “Minneapolis College is the only college in the Midwest that has the Industrial Sewing Methods technology trade available to us in the program.”

A student in the Apparel Technologies program, FoFo is using her knowledge to build her own brand called The Suited Queen Collection; curated with the same quality, care and timeless feel of Louis Vuitton, but tailored specifically for the Midwest.

“I want to make clothing that fits Midwestern women. Clothing that gives us confidence, empowerment and boosts our self-esteem.”

FoFo’s goals for the brand align with her greater visions for Minneapolis College and Minneapolis as a whole. She wants to see the community come together and support one another, and for her peers and colleagues to know that they can be the change they want to see across the college and the greater Minneapolis community.