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Pine Technical and Community College

Photo of David Lingle

David Lingle

Hometown: Sturgeon Lake, Minnesota
Anticipated Graduation: 2021
Degree/Major: Associate of Applied Science (Industrial Equipment Technician) and Automated Systems Technology diploma

David Lingle came to Pine Technical & Community College (PTCC) to find a better opportunity for himself and his family. David, a first-generation college student, enrolled as a displaced worker hoping to start over.

He has excelled in his courses and within the campus community. David has persevered and “has done more than he ever thought he could.” “I never knew where I fit in,” stated David, but he has found his place at PTCC. David is a student worker at PTCC, a CAD tutor, and a member of the Automation Club on campus. He also received a paid internship at Smith Metals in Center City and has a career plan following graduation near his hometown.

In his free time, he enjoys creating prototypes on his 3D printer. During COVID and his time spent at home, David created a ventilator when he heard there was a nationwide shortage and need for supplies. His education has already taken him to a level of excellence that shines through his passion for the trades and outstanding character. 

From displaced worker, to paid intern, to future graduate, David has confidence in his ability to obtain a career that “doesn’t feel like work.”