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St. Cloud Technical & Community College

Photo of Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud

Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud

Hometown: St. Cloud, Minnesota
Anticipated Graduation: 2022
Degree/Major: Medium/Heavy Truck

When the Electrolux plant in St. Cloud closed, about 750 long-time employees had limited options: find another job or change their careers. St. Cloud Technical & Community College (SCTCC) was ready to get students started - Mohamud Ahmed Mohamud was one of many students who decided on a new career path. 

“I liked working at Electrolux,” Mohamud said. Deciding he needed a degree, Mohamud worked with Career Solutions, a co-located partner with SCTCC, to learn about programs at the college. 

“I knew SCTCC was a good school,” said Mohamud. He’s lived in St. Cloud for 13 years and heard great things – several of his friends graduated from SCTCC. Ultimately, he chose the Medium/Heavy Truck program because of his past experience with mechanic work—he worked at a garage in high school and did similar work at Electrolux.  

Going back to school has not been easy. “I was taking it kind of hard because it had been 10 years since I was in school,” he explained, but he’s keeping his goals in mind. 

A self-proclaimed family guy with a wife and six children, Mohamud’s immediate goal is getting a better job, with opening his own shop in his long-term plans. And when your family and future are waiting for you, Mohamud can attest that it’s never too late to go back to school.

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