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Vermilion Community College

Photo of Justin Remien

Justin Remien

Hometown: Aberdeen, South Dakota
Graduated: 2019
Degree/Major: Water Quality

Before attending Vermilion, Justin worked in the ethanol industry. He chose to attend Vermilion when he finally realized he was ready to stop working to simply make a living and start chasing his dream of a degree in field biology.

After a few semesters at Vermilion he still did not have clear career direction.  One conversation with Wade Klingsporn, Vermilion’s Water Resources program coordinator, and Justin’s career plan was set.  “Wade helped me identify a clear career path and I promptly switched my major to Water Quality.”

Justin is currently employed by the public works department of the City of Gilbert (MN). He is proud to operate the city’s brand new, state of the art Membrane Bio-Reactor (MBR) system. Since choosing this career and joining the work force Justin has had multiple other career opportunities.

He is amazed that there are so many different ways to get involved in the industry including, water operations, lab work, field work, construction line location, meter installation, and hydrant testing.

But Justin says he’s happy in Gilbert, “The best part of my job is knowing I help provide clean, fresh water to our local residents.”