Developmental Education

At the colleges and universities of Minnesota State, developmental education programs include an integrated series of precollege-level courses and academic support services and interventions designed to develop students’ skills and prepare them for college-level coursework.

To support student success in developmental education, Minnesota State colleges and universities have been implementing innovative programming and curricular changes. This presentation (Board Packet, pages 11-38) to the Minnesota State Board of Trustees Academic and Student Affairs Committee provides the most current summary of campus-level and systems-level work on developmental education and student success.

Additionally, systems-level and systemwide work, through a Developmental Education Workgroup, has also taken steps to support developmental education programs. Faculty developmental education Shared Learner Outcomes Committees were tasked to develop and submit recommendations of specific competencies and student learner outcomes to be mastered for ‘college and career readiness standards’ for English, reading, mathematics, and ESL; to make specific recommendations regarding how to promote seamless transition and transfer of developmental curriculum across our system; and to make specific recommendations on how to work with K-12 school districts on specific strategies for aligned competencies, student learner outcomes and targeted interventions to promote college readiness benchmarks while students are still in high school. The final reports of these Shared Learner Outcomes Committees:

Developmental Education Strategic Roadmap

To advance the system’s collective work around developmental education, a systemwide workgroup of faculty, staff, and administrators convened in the 2016-2017 academic year to develop a strategic roadmap for developmental education redesign The strategic goals and action items of this developmental education strategic roadmap (DESR) were based on national evidence-based principles and practices and based on best practices that have been implemented across Minnesota State campuses that have shown measurable results. Between April 2017 and November 2017, campus stakeholders provided input on two drafts of the DESR. This final Minnesota State DESR provides our “roadmap” for the next four years (2018-2021). The purpose of this DESR is to guide our systemwide work on developmental education redesign with clearly identified strategic goals, key action steps, targeted timelines for implementation, and measurable outcomes.


Janica Austad Ed.D.
Interim System Director, P-20 and College Readiness