Math Pathways


Minnesota State Math Pathways: Advancing Academic Success in Math

Program Description

The Math Pathways project transforms the way developmental mathematics education is delivered in Minnesota, allowing for access to college-level courses with immediate, relevant support.

Successful implementation of Advancing Academic Success in Math has been demonstrated to address disparities among racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups, provide access, and create a safe and inclusive environment for all students.

Math Pathways Model

Corequisite Model Benefits

At the heart of the project is the use of corequisite math courses instead of prerequisite courses. Traditionally, many students are not permitted to enroll in college-level math courses and classes in other disciplines that require mathematical skills and knowledge. They are instead assigned prerequisite courses, which they must complete in order to start achieving math graduation requirements.

A corequisite approach:

  • Provides the math coaching, instruction, and encouragement students need at the same time they are applying the required mathematical skills in a college-level math class aligned to their field of study
  • Saves students time and money by avoiding prerequisite courses, which are non-credit bearing and delay the time it takes for students to begin their chosen field of study
  • Helps students stay on track and enter the workforce faster
  • Gives students access to support that is effective, efficient, and equitable
  • Provides relevant and immediate content tied directly to students’ studies and goals
  • Does not reduce expectations for students’ mathematical skills, but restructures how they gain fluency

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Anthony Miller
System Director for P20 and College Readiness