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Brittney Baker

Brittney Baker

Anoka Technical College

Course assignments:

  • EMT - Emergency Medical Technician

I have 12 years of experience in EMS with Saint Paul Fire Department; six as Basic Life Support and six as a Firefighter Paramedic. I have worked in Regions EMS for 12 years as well as four years in the Emergency Department, Hyperbaric, and Radiology. I have been a TA and taught the EMS Academy for SPFD since 2013 and have been teaching with Century College in the EMT, Medic, and Fire Medic courses since 2018. I have also been teaching Basic Life Support and ACLS for six years.

I love training new providers and shifting the paradigms of young adults and youth who may not have had some opportunities others may have been afforded.

My advice to students is "Know your why, be yourself and always do your best. Be honest and accountable and if you mess up learn from it and keep going."

People may be surprised to know that I have several jobs. Although I only have 3 kids most of my students call me mom.